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  • We hosted another incentive trip for the largest, private pharmaceutical wholesaler within Guatemala, Bodega Farmaceutica!
  • Martinez Group on Chechos goes 38-30-20 conv. + 1 on fly. Also caught 7 tuna, 5 dorado, and 5 rooster fish!
  • Salt Water Sportsman ranks Guatemala #1 in January for Pacific Sailfish!
  • Mohandie group goes 19-17-8 on sails on Gypsy.
  • Steinberg Group releases 400 lb blue marlin, sails, dorado, red snapper, and grouper.
  • We hosted an incentive trip for the fastest growing Guatemalan pharmacy chain, Farmacias Cruz Verde!
  • Knellinger Group in 3 days goes 54-43-24 on sails on Chechos.
  • Fedora Group goes 39-35-19 on sails and also released a 375 lb. Blue Marlin
  • Caciedo Group goes 17-16-10 on sails.
  • Ambassador to Colombia releases 300 lb Blue Marlin.

    Guatemala Fishing

    Selected as one of Men's Journal's "100 Greatest Adventures" in the world, Sailfish Bay is Guatemala Fishing at its finest. As Guatemala's only beachfront fishing lodge we are located right in the middle of the world's best sailfishery and operate one of the best Big Game programs on the planet. Guatemala is the knock-down, drag-out champion of the world when it comes to raises and releases of Pacific sailfish.

    Our program has been featured in Fortune (FSB), Men's Journal, The Angling Report, Florida Sportsman, Gray's, Catch Magazine, Surfer, Sporting Classics, Fly Fish America, Fish & Fly, Business Jet Traveler and many other top publications.

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    Jeff Morrow, President, of The Southern Sailfish Association has this to say about Sailfish Bay:

    "Sailfish Bay Lodge offers world-class accommodations and the world's most productive fishery for sailfish. For guaranteed sailfish action exceeding anywhere else on the globe, I highly recommend Sailfish Bay. It is the trip of a lifetime. I'm totally impressed with your operation."

    Men's Journal said the following about our program:

    Enormous Trophy Fish - All But Guaranteed

    "When easterly ocean currents flowing along the Pacific Coast of Central America collide with El Salvador, they retreat, turn west - and create a bay so brimming with billfish it makes anglers giddy. Smack in the middle of this little known area sits the Sailfish Bay Lodge, which employs Guatemalan sportfishing gurus and boasts an astounding record; in a three-day run last year, a father and son reeled in 134 big-water beasts. Newly built bungalows along the beach have opened up the action to more anglers. When your arms tire - and they will - of reeling in the billfish, tuna, and dorado, work out your legs instead with a hike up 12,333-foot Agua volcano, 90 minutes away. At the summit, surrounded by four smaller volcanoes - including two that are still active - you might just forget about the fish waiting your return."

    World's Best Sailfishing - Light Tackle, on Fly Rods or Conventional

    Guatemala has gained an international reputation as having one of the highest concentrations of billfish, in particular Pacific Sailfish - year round. In addition to our prolific sailfishing we raise and release Marlin each month of the year and have immense populations of dorado, yellowfin tuna, roosterfish and other inshore species.

    Guatemala holds both the conventional and fly fishing records with most sailfish released in one day. Sailfish Bay records include 70 sailfish releases in one day on conventional gear by the Buck Nichols Group on March 13, 2006. They also released 235 sailfish in 3 days of fishing aboard "Maverick" and "Gypsy" March 13, 14, and 15. Our fly fishing record for one day is 22 releases (2 anglers - Michael Barnett & James Yates) on February 14, 2004.

    Guatemala's Pacific Coast is Literally Billfish Heaven!

    The coast here in Guatemala forms a giant bay. Strong currents coming west to east from the Mexican coast turn back after hitting the coast of El Salvador and create an enormous, natural occurring eddy, rich in bait and pelagic fish where billfish and many other sport fishing species are found in great numbers. Your trip will provide memories for a lifetime.

    Scientists who have studied the large numbers of sailfish off the coast of Guatemala have concluded this might be the largest breeding ground for Pacific Sailfish in the world. While we call our prime season October through May, billfish are caught year round in Guatemala. We have an amazing fishery. We protect it by practicing catch and release and using circle hooks.

    Our productive inshore fishing offers shots at roosterfish, jack crevalle, snappers and more. The best opportunities for these species is a high tide and clear water.

    Fishing pressure? What fishing pressure? The sport fishing fleet here is small - unlike most other bluewater destinations.

    Catching Sailfish is Virtually Guaranteed!

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